Recommended Readings

In this section, I will bring to you papers that I've read and really recommend about Remote Sensing and Geosciences.

I hope this section helps you to stay updated on your studies.

Stay focused and be kind to yourself during this process. :)

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Have a good read!

— Rafaela Tiengo

[9] 📰 Paper title: Google Earth Engine and Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Comprehensive Review

🗝️ Keywords: Google Earth Engine (GEE); artificial intelligence (AI); machine learning; deep learning; computer vision; remote sensing; cloud computing; geospatial big data; review

👥 Authors: Yang, Liping, Joshua Driscol, Sarigai Sarigai, Qiusheng Wu, Haifei Chen, and Christopher D. Lippitt. (2022)

[8] 📰 Paper title: "Fifty Years of Landsat Science and Impacts"

🗝️ Keywords: Earth observation; Land cover; Land use; Climate change; Human footprint; Open data; Satellite

👥 Authors: Michael A. Wulder, David P. Roy, Volker C. Radeloff, Thomas R. Loveland, Martha C. Anderson, David M. Johnson, Sean Healey, Zhe Zhu, Theodore A. Scambos, Nima Pahlevan, Matthew Hansen, Noel Gorelick, Christopher J. Crawford, Jeffrey G. Masek, Txomin Hermosilla, Joanne C. White, Alan S. Belward, Crystal Schaaf, Curtis E. Woodcock, Justin L. Huntington, Leo Lymburner, Patrick Hostert, Feng Gao, Alexei Lyapustin, Jean-Francois Pekel, Peter Strobl, Bruce D. Cook. (2022)

[7] 📰 Paper title: Google Earth Engine: A Global Analysis and Future Trends

🗝️ Keywords: earth engine; geoprocessing; bibliometric analysis; co-citation analysis; knowledge mapping

👥 Authors: Velastegui-Montoya, A.; Montalván-Burbano, N.; Carrión-Mero, P.; Rivera-Torres, H.; Sadeck, L.; Adami, M. (2023)

[6] 📰 Paper title: Mapping and assessing seagrass meadows changes and blue carbon under past, current, and future scenarios

🗝️ Keywords: Cymodocea nodosa, Marine spatial planning, Ecosystem services, InVEST Blue Carbon model, Canary Islands, Atlantic.

👥 Authors: Miriam Montero-Hidalgo, Fernando Tuya, Francisco Otero-Ferrer, Ricardo Haroun, Fernando Santos-Martín (2023)

[5] 📰 Paper title: A Synthesis of Land Use/Land Cover Studies: Definitions, Classification Systems, Meta-Studies, Challenges and Knowledge Gaps on a Global Landscape

🗝️ Keywords: synthesis of land use/land cover definitions; meta-analysis studies in land use/land cover; challenges and knowledge gaps in land use/land cover assessments; literature review

👥 Authors: Nedd, R.; Light, K.; Owens, M.; James, N.; Johnson, E.; Anandhi (2021)

[4] 📰 Paper title: Land use and land cover as a conditioning factor in landslide susceptibility: a literature review

🗝️ Keywords: Slope stability · Mass movement · Land cover changes ·Bibliometric analysis · Literature review

👥 Authors: Renata Pacheco Quevedo · Andrés Velastegui‑Montoya ·Néstor Montalván‑Burbano · Fernando Morante‑Carballo · Oliver Korup ·Camilo Daleles Rennó (2023)

[3] 📰 Paper title: Demystifying LandTrendr and CCDC temporal segmentation

🗝️ Keywords: Time series, Temporal segmentation, Change detection, LandTrendr, CCDC, Google Earth Engine

👥 Authors: Valerie J. Pasquarella, Paulo Arévalo, Kelsee H. Bratley, Eric L. Bullock, Noel Gorelick, Zhiqiang Yang, Robert E. Kennedy (2022)

[2] 📰 Paper title: Detection of Multitemporal Changes with Artificial Neural Network-Based Change Detection Algorithm Using Hyperspectral Dataset

🗝️ Keywords: change detection; environment; hyperspectral; land use and land cover (LULC); post-classification

👥 Authors: Dahiya, N.; Singh, S.; Gupta, S.; Rajab, A.; Hamdi, M.; Elmagzoub, M.A.; Sulaiman, A.; Shaikh, A. (2023)

[1] 📰 Paper title: “Detection of Geothermal Anomalies in Hydrothermal Systems Using ASTER Data: The Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande Case Study (Azores, Portugal).”

🗝️ Keywords: thermal anomalies; remote sensing; hydrothermal system; geothermal

👥 Authors: Uchôa, J.; Viveiros, F.; Tiengo, R.; Gil, A. (2023)