Recommended Readings


In this section, I will bring to you papers that I've read and really recommend about Remote Sensing and Geosciences.

I hope this section helps you to stay updated on your studies.

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[6] 📰 Paper title: Mapping and assessing seagrass meadows changes and blue carbon under past, current, and future scenarios

🗝️ Keywords: Cymodocea nodosa, Marine spatial planning, Ecosystem services, InVEST Blue Carbon model, Canary Islands, Atlantic.

👥 Authors: Miriam Montero-Hidalgo, Fernando Tuya, Francisco Otero-Ferrer, Ricardo Haroun, Fernando Santos-Martín (2023)

[5] 📰 Paper title: A Synthesis of Land Use/Land Cover Studies: Definitions, Classification Systems, Meta-Studies, Challenges and Knowledge Gaps on a Global Landscape

🗝️ Keywords: synthesis of land use/land cover definitions; meta-analysis studies in land use/land cover; challenges and knowledge gaps in land use/land cover assessments; literature review

👥 Authors: Nedd, R.; Light, K.; Owens, M.; James, N.; Johnson, E.; Anandhi (2021)

[4] 📰 Paper title: Land use and land cover as a conditioning factor in landslide susceptibility: a literature review

🗝️ Keywords: Slope stability · Mass movement · Land cover changes ·Bibliometric analysis · Literature review

👥 Authors: Renata Pacheco Quevedo · Andrés Velastegui‑Montoya ·Néstor Montalván‑Burbano · Fernando Morante‑Carballo · Oliver Korup ·Camilo Daleles Rennó (2023)

[3] 📰 Paper title: Demystifying LandTrendr and CCDC temporal segmentation

🗝️ Keywords: Time series, Temporal segmentation, Change detection, LandTrendr, CCDC, Google Earth Engine

👥 Authors: Valerie J. Pasquarella, Paulo Arévalo, Kelsee H. Bratley, Eric L. Bullock, Noel Gorelick, Zhiqiang Yang, Robert E. Kennedy (2022)

[2] 📰 Paper title: Detection of Multitemporal Changes with Artificial Neural Network-Based Change Detection Algorithm Using Hyperspectral Dataset

🗝️ Keywords: change detection; environment; hyperspectral; land use and land cover (LULC); post-classification

👥 Authors: Dahiya, N.; Singh, S.; Gupta, S.; Rajab, A.; Hamdi, M.; Elmagzoub, M.A.; Sulaiman, A.; Shaikh, A. (2023)

[1] 📰 Paper title: “Detection of Geothermal Anomalies in Hydrothermal Systems Using ASTER Data: The Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande Case Study (Azores, Portugal).”

🗝️ Keywords: thermal anomalies; remote sensing; hydrothermal system; geothermal

👥 Authors: Uchôa, J.; Viveiros, F.; Tiengo, R.; Gil, A. (2023)